Radcliffe Plays No “Potter” In New Scary Movie

Radcliffe gives brilliant performance in “The Woman in Black.”

By Peter Chansamoeun

Picture taken from Liveforfilms.com

As a huge fan of horror movies, I was certainly intrigued when Hammer Film Productions started promoting “The Woman in Black.” Growing up in the Harry Potter era also sparked my interest in seeing the movie, because I am sure that everyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter books, movies and the franchise in general is curious to see if Daniel Radcliffe can portray a character other than the series’ main character.

From a public relations point of view, I feel that director James Watkins was pure genius for casting someone who is so relevant in mainstream pop culture. Watching Daniel Radcliffe go from playing an adolescent to an adult is like watching magic happen right before your eyes, while giving you a feeling of nostalgia.

Radcliffe gave a brilliant and convincing performance as a young father who is still suffering from a terrible tragedy four years prior. Throughout the movie you can feel his pain through his facial expressions and the way he projects his lines. You just feel a sense of maturity and professionalism from him. Radcliffe proved that he is not one-dimensional and is ready to portray more adult roles.

The movie takes place in the early 1900s in the United Kingdom. It is the traditional ghost story as it includes all the elements of an eerie tale: a haunted mansion, scared villagers, and a stubborn protagonist. Radcliffe portrays a young lawyer who is overworked and stressed. He is sent to handle the estate that the ghost of “the woman in black” haunts.

Going into the movie theater, I didn’t expect much, but as soon as the movie started, I got shivers running down the back. The opening scene took me by surprise; I was shocked that the director would open the movie with such a disturbing scene. I advise moviegoers to be prepared for a sense of disturbing images and a feeling of darkness the whole time.

Throughout the movie, you keep guessing about what is around the corner. This film is very similar to that of Dracula in terms of style, cinematography, and the elements of the story. The movie ends in a bittersweet way; it is not the way you would expect it to conclude, but it also gives the character closure. The way Watkins directs the final scene as very direct and clear, even the most inattentive viewer wouldn’t end the movie scratching their heads and asking questions.

I would give this movie a ‘B’ grade because although it is scary, some of the scenes portrayed seemed irrelevant.



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