Guys, Learn How To Not Drop The Ball On Valentines Day

By Amy Nelson

Guest Writer
Valentine’s Day– the two words in the English language that can either mean a romantic night out or a singles awareness party. Hearts, chivalrous gestures and candy are symbols for love, romance, and passion. The day can be full of cute gestures or it has the potential to be a complete disaster; plans fall through, expectations aren’t met, and boys can be completely clueless. A girl’s expectations can rival Kim Kardashian’s wedding or be very low maintenance. (Hopefully the romance lasts a little longer)
For those men who are clueless and don’t know what they’re going to do for Valentine’s Day, listen up. One hundred percent of the time, boys are stupid, and we as women let it go. This is the only day we will hold against you.
What will your day be like? How do you make a Valentine’s Day memorable while still being inexpensive? Well boys…let me help you out.
The chocolate-covered, candy-and-card day of love is celebrated throughout the United States — and across the world — by the exchanging of candies, gifts and flowers (traditionally roses) with a ‘special someone.’
At Utah State University, Valentine’s Day is often celebrated in different ways. Because most students are the classic ‘poor college student’, the love fest is generally made on the cheap.
“Sure everyone dreams of going on an expensive dinner date,” said Brad Francis, a recently married student at USU. “But that’s just not a reality in college.”
Restaurants will be packed with destitute college couples living off credit. Why not buy all the ingredients and cook a meal yourself? Make the experience more interactive. Make small talk while you wade through ingredients and measuring cups. Not only will you bond substantially, but you will find out how terrible each of you are at cooking. And on the bright side, it’s conveniently inexpensive.

Start here:
Advance with caution to:
Despite the reality of living beyond their means, some women still secretly hold high expectations. I blame Hollywood. ( Yet some women expect very little.
“I have this dream where my husband and I will someday read stories by our beautiful fire with an enormous mantelpiece over it and it will be so romantic,” said a sophomore at USU. “I won’t ever tell him this because I know it won’t happen anytime soon, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.”
I don’t recommend improvising a fireplace and risk of burning down an entire complex, but why not claim a designated fire pit and read and write poetry together? Go up to first dam and build your own fire. Make sure to bring a plethora of blankets to ensure that snuggling is of the top priority. Not only will this be romantic, it’s also free. Just be sure to dress warm.
Get her some flowers. It doesn’t matter if it is one flower or 12, store bought or hand-picked, it’s the thought that counts. All women love flowers, and honestly, we expect at least one on Valentine’s Day.
“I would honestly be happy if I just got one rose and just got to spend time with the person I liked,” Lizzy Burns said. “I don’t need an expensive night out; I’m not very high maintenance.”
Go to the Vagina Monologues- a hilarious reading of a series of essays about women, their bodies, and the language they use to communicate about themselves. Tickets are available in TSC 314 and are only $5 with your student ID. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show will start at 7:30 p.m.
The bottom line: do something. Be unique. It doesn’t have to be the traditional dinner and a movie date, but if it is, throw some spice into the mix. Buy a projector from the surplus store and project a movie on your living room wall. It gives the effect of being in a movie theater in the comfort of your own home. The surplus store is located at 880 East 1250 North, and is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
For those brave singles that have read thus far, I salute you. Across the United States, a singles awareness party is an evolving trend. These celebrations often include the wearing ridiculous ‘singles’ pride’ t-shirts, a movie night followed with sparkling cider to glorify the freedom of not having a relationship.
“I probably wouldn’t throw one because that kind of seems desperate,” Kolson Ashton said. “But I’d totally go to one if I had friends going to it.”
If there are none of these parties going on, go someplace with your group of friends. Treat yourself to a fun night out. Preferably not anywhere romantic couples will be. If you see them it could damage your self-esteem.
February 14 is supposed to be perceived as the ‘perfect day,’ but what if something went wrong?
“One year she got me a Hot Wheels,” said Ashton. “Just a Hot Wheels and that’s it. I didn’t know if it was a joke or not. It was the worst thing ever.”
According to the US census and, 53 percent of women would dump their boyfriend if they did not get them anything for Valentine’s Day. Ashton did get something for his girlfriend, but men also expect something in return.
“I would love a handwritten note or even a hat,” said Shaun Duffy, a USU student. “Oh, and lots of lovin’.”
Don’t worry about making a gift big. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.
Whether you are single or taken, just do something. And men: if you like a girl, think she’s cute, or see potential with her, ask her out this Valentine’s day. Please ask her out. For the sake of your future children. The disaster dates and denial stories are better to tell than the “might have been’s.”

Valentine’s Day is also celebrated around the world in different ways. In Denmark, young couples write special love poems and beautiful love notes called ‘gaekkebrev’. Men will send these notes to their lovers, and the woman will guess the senders name. If it is guessed right, the woman is rewarded with an ‘Easter Egg’ that year. It is also customary to receive white flowers, called ‘snowdrops’, which shows immense love and care.

In Italy, Valentine’s day is seen as an imported holiday from the US. In addition to gifts such as flowers, chocolates and diamonds, Italians often give out BaciPerugina- chocolate covered hazelnuts that contains a romantic poetic quote written in four different languages.


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