The Vow: A Sweet And Simple Valentine’s Day Movie

By Liz Wilson

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“The Vow” is a Titanic-like film—and not because it sunk! Rather, it mimics James Cameron’s famous film because it’s all about the “how.” “Titanic” wasn’t a mind-bending thriller that left you guessing the who, what or why at the end (although I still wonder why Kate Winslet’s Rose let go…). “Titanic” was a film that everyone went to see despite its expectedness. (SPOILER ALERT! The ship sinks!)

So it was with “The Vow,” if you saw the preview you knew what the movie was all about. A young married couple is in a car accident and the wife tragically loses all memory of her former life. She wakes up and doesn’t recognize her husband. We all know the plot, but we all saw the movie to see the “how”: How can Leo (Channing Tatum) manage to make his wife, Paige (Rachel McAdams), fall in love with him again? Or an even better question: how can Paige manage not to fall in love with the incredibly good-looking man who claims he’s her husband? It’s an easy decision, Paige! The plot moves well; there are some unexpected little twist, so don’t think it’s all-predictable. The sugar-sweet cast of supporting characters doesn’t add much to the plot. None of them are memorable at all. But that’s OK because this chick flick is all about the lovely couple.

The whole sentiment during the movie is anticipation and tenderness. We all want it to end the way we hope love stories end. But does it? Will she love him? How long will poor Leo have to suffer losing the love of his life? Well you’ll just have to see the movie.

One very big reason why this film is worth seeing is because it is based on a remarkable true story. Kim and Krickett Carpenter wrote the book that has been turned into this box-office hit. “The Vow” brings their story to life as only Hollywood can. (With real people getting an overtly more attractive actor to play them, of course.)  I can’t find any flaws in this story because it’s a real, true-life love story and I can’t argue with love.

It’s a great date movie and a crowd pleaser.

The Vow earns a B. The true story: A+++++.


Titanic is set to be re-released in 3-D this April 14th, on the 100-year anniversary of the ship’s sinking. Something to look forward to!


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