2012 ASUSU Elections: Behind-the-Scenes

By Mandy Morgan

Picture: ASUSU Elections Logo

Mandy Morgan was the campaign manager for Stephanie Romney’s campaign. She wrote this article for Aggie BluePrint as a behind-the-scenes look at the campaigning process for ASUSU candidates.

Most students on campus at least understand that something big is taking place on campus when that February week of ASUSU campaigning begins. Fliers, candy, A-frames and posters litter the university grounds, while people chatter at students while they walk near the center of campus.

However, there is more that goes into campaigning than just those things seen around campus. The week that discussion of voting for these important elected positions is the biggest topic around. This year, in preparation for the Feb. 27 ASUSU elections week, there have been weekly meetings, discussion of publicity techniques, and the preparation for signs, posters and paraphernalia.

This year’s election week theme is “One Vote, One Voice, One Choice,” and the event is hosted by ASUSU Student Involvement.

“I would say that campaign preparations can be very stressful sometimes,” candidate Christian Thrapp said.

Though most students are simply working on being students during the beginning and into the middle of the semester, those running for election are worrying about keeping a campaign going and figuring out how to get their name out there.

Candidates don’t only have their own struggles. Many support others and are worrying about not only their own success but the success of others.

Thrapp is an example of this dichotomy. Though he is running for the position of ASUSU president, he has been aiding other candidates going for different positions as he works on his own. But the number one priority is his campaign.

“There are times when it feels like everything is working out and there are times when it seems like things aren’t quite going as planned, said Thrapp. “You just have to work hard and do your best to make everything turn out.”

And though the election is important for those candidates running, it can often be difficult to get others, even those on committees, involved in the entire effort.

This time of year also marks the occasion when many students begin thinking up different routes to take to classes due to campaigns. Many will try to avoid trotting down the most popular place for campaigning: the sidewalk down the middle of campus leading in front of the Biology and Natural Resources building as well as the Ag Science building and campus walkway directly east of University Inn.

Many candidates will choose to hand out fliers, pins and coupons or deals to local venues to incentivize voting by students. Those running and supporting different candidates will do everything they can to get candidates’ names into the campus public and to gain support from the student body in order to move from the primary elections to final elections.
After final elections begin, all positions will have been narrowed down to two candidates, if there was more than two to begin with. Now is when the real fight begins for candidates as they work to make their name bigger than then their opponent.

But candidates understand that proper preparation is in store for candidates who really want to make it so far. Stephanie Romney, who is running for the position of Senator for the College of Education and Human Resources, had been preparing with a committee since the beginning of the semester.

“Because I want to win this election, I have got to work hard, and not only during the elections,” Romney said.

Romney has held weekly meetings through part of January and all of February to prepare and educate her committee on what her goals and hopes are for the campaign.

“The best thing that I can be doing right now is collaborate with lots of committee members to brainstorm many different ideas and strategies,” Romney said. “It’s important for me to involve others and what they have to offer.

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Here is a schedule of the week for candidates–Elections Week 2012, February 27–March 1.

  • Sunday Feb. 26: 4 p.m. Elections set-up; A-frames can be placed on campus by candidates
  • Monday Feb. 27: 7 a.m. Primary Elections open. All paraphernalia promoting candidates is allowed on campus at this time.
    7 p.m. Town Hall Meeting for all students in student housing at the Lundstrom Center. Questions, mingling, and refreshments will be available to to those involved.
  • Tuesday Feb. 28: Primary Elections continue, voting is closed at 3 p.m.
    11 a.m.-1 p.m. Final Presidential Debate at the Hub
    4 p.m. Primary Announcement made in the Hub
    7 p.m. Greek Community Town Hall in TSC Auditorium for all Final Candidates. Questions, mingling, and refreshments available to those involved.
  • Wednesday Feb. 29: 7 a.m. Final Elections begin for those continuing
  • Thursday March 1: 4 p.m. Final Clean-up for all candidates
    6:30 p.m. Final Announcement for all positions in the TSC Auditorium

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