Newest ASUSU Hot Shots of 2012-13

By Mandy Morgan

BluePrint contributor

Video by Mandy Morgan

Photo: Christian Thrapp

It’s over. And about time, right? The week of elections can just be so exhausting, whether you are running for a position or not (though I would be willing to bet it’s tougher being the former). No matter the hassle ASUSU Elections campaign week seems to be, there are always great results that come from the four days of fliers, coupons, and A-frame advertisements.

Many of us are aware of the students elected as ASUSU executives and college senators for the 2012-13 academic school year. But do we really know them? We know names, we know campaign logos, we know bits and pieces of candidate’s platforms. However, it may do us just a little bit more good–and make it easier to place confidence in these individuals–if we actually knew them. The way that we know those cool people in our class study group, or our friends at work, or even like we know some of our housemates.

Well, now you get the chance. Here are some personal introductions of the four main ASUSU representatives for next year, given by the people who know them best– themselves. Below you get to meet Christian Thrapp, ASUSU Student Body President, who enjoys skiing, guitar, and couldn’t be more pumped to represent the USU student body he loves so much. You will also get a glance into the life of Ben Wilson, the future Executive VP of ASUSU. He has a crazy decked out “crib,” loves his politics, and can’t wait to represent USU with some good old Aggie Ice Cream. Next is Chaise Warr, ASUSU Programming VP-elect, who has a new crazy scar down his arm (stay tuned to find out why), loves the social place where he lives and is already planning big stuff for USU’s programs and traditions next year. Bringing up the rear is Student Advocate VP-elect Christian Orr. Orr has some unique talents (Highland bagpipe playing, anyone?), loves the feeling of unity and involvement USU has, and can’t wait to get started on his student think-tank for next year.

Now you know you don’t want to miss out. Tune in to the video interviews to discover four of your newest ASUSU student representatives, “USU Cribs” style, hosted by a student who wants to be just as informed as you do, yours truly. Enjoy!

ASUSU President-elect Christian Thrapp shows off his apartment building, guitar-playing roommate, interests and hobbies. Aggie BluePrint reporter Mandy Morgan gets the scoop on why Thrapp is excited for next year. Video edited by Kate Rouse DuHadway


Aggie BluePrint reporter Mandy Morgan visits next year’s ASUSU Programming Vice President, Chaise Warr, where he shows off his home theater system, fish tank and injuries sustained where horseback riding (bare back). He also talks about why he wanted to be involved in ASUSU, and what he can do next year to make a difference. Video edited by Kate Rouse DuHadway.


Ben Wilson, the new executive vice president for ASUSU, shows Aggie BluePrint reporter Mandy Morgan what he will (and will not) take credit for in his apartment, why he wanted to be the executive vice president and what he looks forward to the most at his new post. Video edited by Kate Rouse DuHadway, Aggie BluePrint


Newly elected ASUSU Student Advocate Christian Orr gives Aggie BluePrint reporter Mandy Morgan a tour of his apartment, tells us what he loves about USU, and why he decided to run for office. Video edited by Kate Rouse DuHadway/Aggie BluePrint.


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