Aggie Radio to host second annual music festival

By Amy Nelson

BluePrint contributor

This Saturday, April 14, Aggie Radio will host its second annual Logan City Limits — a free music festival — from noon to midnight.

Anike Pullens, a senior at USU, became involved with Aggie Radio as a sophomore and founded the festival last year.

“I heard there was a radio class offered on campus so I took it and found out that there were several DJs in that class that worked with Aggie Radio,” Pullens said. “I immediately became excited and involved.”

At the start of her junior year, Pullens was given a disc jockey position. She and another DJ began asking themselves why Aggie Radio hasn’t put on a lot of concerts. That was the year they both came up with the idea of showcasing several bands at the amphitheater on campus.

“We called it Logan City Limits,” Pullens said.

They introduced the idea of an annual music festival to the directors of Aggie Radio and they loved it. Pullens began finding bands that would be great for the show, and came up with a mixture of nine local and non-local groups.

But due to bad weather, the first festival had to be moved inside.

“It was still very successful the first time around. There were about 200 people there,” Pullens said.

Pullens hopes there will be twice as many people this year. If it rains, it will be moved inside the Taggart Student Center.

There will be 15 bands this year, including some returning bands from last year.

“Earlier on, it’s acoustic sets and as it gets further into the evening they’re going to have some bands there,” said Cristina Johnson, a performer at the festival. “I’m way excited for it; this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

In addition to music, the festival will also have vendors, cotton candy and popcorn.

“My dream would be to have everyone know about the festival, Aggie Radio and all the bands, and have about 2,000 people show up to the event,” Pullens said.


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