Roommate burnout?

By Mandy Morgan

Photos by Mandy Morgan & Shane Jonson

Sometimes feel like killing your roommates? You aren’t alone.
It’s that time of year. The time when everything seems to pile up faster.When it seems impossible for there to be so many things to do, all while wearing 17 layers to keep from freezing. Or, hardly any clothes, depending on the hour and whether it has decided to be uncharacteristically hot outside or in full-on blizzard mode. That time when going home to a bunch of people just as grumpy and exhausted as you is seriously the last you want to do in the entire world.

Yep. Tis the season for some serious roommate contention.

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Why? Why is it during this time every spring semester killing ones’ roommate actually seems like a plausible idea? Why is it that throwing house- or apartment-mate’s dirty dishes on their bed becomes a regular occurrence? Why is that no matter how hard you try to be nice about the toilet paper always being gone and the trash can being piled high, that every word still comes out as a grimace when speaking to the person who sleeps in the same room as you?

It’s spring semester. It’s crazy weather, and busy schedules, and the longing for summer, and the burnout typical of all college students that makes it so tough to not kill off each and every one of your roomies in the night.

But at least you know you aren’t alone, right? Nope, you are not the only one trying to figure out where you can get some poison to slip into a roommate’s cereal in the morning. So here’s the deal: Let’s all share in each other’s pain, shall we? Comment with your own story detailing reasons why your roommates may have come close to death’s door by your hands in the last few months or so. No names, nothing too rude or specific enough to make it easy to guess (though we all may want to know so we don’t end up with those folks as our roommates). Keep it light, funny, and informative so you can maybe become aware if it turns out that you’re an irritable roomie yourself.


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