Students who don’t show up to last week of class in pajamas

by Anna James

Aggie BluePrint
The parkas have been shed and (most) salt-stained UGGS abandoned. Spring has arrived and with it comes a fair share of new fashions. But these swanky guys and gals can’t simply be noticed—they’ve got to be appreciated. So naturally, with camera in hand, I set out to find some of the most fashionable Aggies on campus.

But how would I do this? Who were these stylin’ people and where was I going to find them? And then what would happen? Just approach and hope for the least uncomfortable situation possible? Here goes.

So I went out. And I found you. And it was awkward for a moment when you realized that this girl with zany hair, buddy holly glasses, and teal and pink shoes from the children’s section thinks that you look great (to be offended or not to be offended by her choice in “style”), but that awkwardness went away when you realized, “Yeah, that’s right. I do look great today. Thanks for noticing. Yeah, you go ahead and take my picture. You take that picture and I’ll make you famous because I’m looking so good today and it’s about time someone appreciated it. Yeah, you’re welcome.”

At least that’s how I interpret a quick nod and a befuddled, “uh, sure.”

While I am no connoisseur of fashion, this is what I found. I found you guys, and ya’ll look good. Fortunately, I know there are more of you out there and I’m going to find you. So when you see a short girl with Medusa curls and some form of heinous velvet on her being toting a camera and speed walking towards you with her eyes glued on your fantastic cufflinks, be flattered. She thinks you look great.

Thanks to all those who helped out!

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