Aggie Radio presents Big Agg Show music festival

Aggie Radio is presenting a new music festival called the Big Agg Show on Sept. 8, 2012 on the TSC patio. The Big Agg Show will be similar to Logan City Limits that takes place in the spring as it will feature many local bands and hopefully attract more attendees. 
Photo courtesy of Aggie Radio

By Lis Stewart, Section Editor

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Aggie Radio is adding a new music festival to their repertoire Sept. 8 with the Big Agg Show on the TSC patio. Station director Sidney Horrocks said the festival should bring even more people to it than the station’s annual City Limits festival in the spring. “We’ve always wanted to do a fall festival because it’s an opportunity for us to get our name out there as Aggie Radio, as a club, and to kind of build some unity between the clubs and the organizations [on campus],” Horrocks explained.

For those not able to make it to the festival, Horrocks said the show will be broadcast all day on Aggie Radio’s online station. Listeners can also download the Aggie Radio app on their smartphones, he explained, which has increased the number of listeners to station since it launched a year ago. Having a bigger presence in the ground floor of the TSC also makes it easier to be known by students, he added. The Aggie Radio booth, which moved to the TSC’s basement last year, used to be on the less-traveled third floor of the building. “There were a lot of people who didn’t know we existed,” Horrocks expounds.

A fall music festival should draw more attendees than City Limits in the spring, Horrocks said. “There’s a lot more excitement at the beginning of the year for this kind of thing.”

The show will be especially important for Toban Knight, Aggie Radio’s music director. All the months, hours, days and minutes researching and courting bands will go into effect at the daylong show. Knight is an energetic traveler whose vice, he explained, is discovering new music. He leaned forward in his office chair, excitement bursting from his lanky frame. “Music is a huge passion of mine,” he said. “It’s in the top two, top three things of mine that I’m really passionate about.”

We talked with Knight about what concert goers can expect this Saturday at the music festival. Both headliners were in City Limits this past spring, so many students should recognize them for example, the band Eyes Lips Eyes who originally formed in Provo, UT under the name Elizabethan Report. “They’re a very happy kind of rock” Knight explained. “You listen to their music and you nod your head and want to jump around.” For example, one of their more popular songs, “Tickle,” starts out with an impressive, quick guitar solo that makes one think the guitarist is tickling the strings — hence the name. It is a quick tempo, upbeat song. Eyes Lips Eyes recently opened in concert for Modest Mouse.

Toy Bombs, the other headliner band, often tours with Eyes Lips Eyes, explained Knight. Toy Bombs is a two-person band, plus a bassist called Sasha the Cat and drummer Rocko the Bear, who both wear animal masks. Toy Bombs hails from Salt Lake City, though they now call Los Angeles home. As a music enthusiast, Knight says he mixes with a lot of bands when they play the USU scene, and that is how he came to know Toy Bombs.

Although not all the bands at the show are as well-known as the headliners, they should not fail to entertain, Knight said. “More than anything, we just want to put on a good show for especially USU students and the community,” he explains. “The thing that I am personally getting out of this is to expose the community to quality music that you don’t normally hear on the radio.

“I’m so excited for Raccoon Dog to play this show,” Knight added. Raccoon Dog is one of the bands Knight says he found while hunting for new talent online. “This music is crazy good and they’re a local band,” he said as he turned up the speakers on his computer to play one of their songs. “That made it even more exciting to me that they’re producing this quality music and they’re from Logan.” Raccoon Dog’s electronic influences mix easily with the folk tone and their beats are easy to nod the head to. Knight described their music as more electronic than other bands at the show.

Knight’s work at Aggie Radio includes trying to expose students and the community to music they’ve never heard of, but would hopefully enjoy.

“Often times I’ll have people coming up to me when they’ve listened to my show, and they’ll be like, ‘I never heard that musician before, I’m glad you’re playing their music,’” Knight said.

Other bands on the stage this Saturday will include The Moth and the Flame from Provo. “They are a pretty young band, but their sound is pretty mature,” Knight says. A folk rock band called the Mighty Sequoyah will also be featured. Most the bands are rock, and a bit harder than City Limits, Knight assures, but there will be several folk acts sprinkled in between the major sets.

Horrocks, the station director, said there should be at least a couple more activities sponsored by Aggie Radio to look forward to this year. Aside from mentioning a possible USU battle of the bands competition, he explained the station wants to do a best facial hair contest at the end of “No-Shave November”. But first comes the Big Agg Show. “It’s going really well,” Horrocks said. “I’m pretty excited for this year, it’s going to be fun.”


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