Fresh points of view as told by freshmen

By Mandy Morgan, Assistant Managing Editor

Aggie BluePrint

Every year there is a wave of new, incoming freshmen coming in to being their collegiate careers, and most returning students are glad not to be them. But, isn’t being a freshman the greatest? Isn’t it when students go the craziest, when the most involvement in everything takes place, when there is the most fun to be had? Well, for many freshmen, the first year is the one with the most fun. Or at least a lot of it. But how about we hear from a couple of freshmen themselves? Here are three new student’s points of view; three students who are starting their college adventure now, and don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

Jonathan Ruesch is a soccer player. He loves musicals and is a talented actor. He can paint like a modern-day Van Gogh. He has an identical twin who goes to school at BYU and best of all, he is a new freshman here at Utah State.

Why did he decide to come here for school?

“I came up here for Engineering State and EFY before; I just love the environment,” Ruesch said. “The engineering program is top-notch; what better place to be going into it than up here.”

Ruesch has an older brother, who is currently serving an LDS mission, who will continue his studies in Engineering next year. Ruesch believes part of the reason he came to school up at USU was because of his brother, as well as the caliber of the program.

“I love math and science, and Engineering State was tons of fun,” Ruesch said. “Engineering State was a kick-start, it helped start it. But they have lots of opportunities up here.

“The thing is, I don’t really know if I want to go into engineering. I have tons of different interests and I’m trying it out. But I like lots of different things,” Ruesch said.

For Ruesch and his roommates, it took a little bit of time to get out and start getting involved with the activities on campus the week of Connections, but once Week of Welcome started it got easier, he said.

“The concert [Monday night] was fun. The Institute dance was so much fun. I’d never seen The Avengers before — it was so good. It would have been nice to have seen it before, because lots of people were talking, but I loved it. I met up with some buddies on the hill and watched it. It was very social and really fun.” Ruesch also donated blood at the Blood Battle that took place all week long in the TSC.

One unique involvement opportunity Ruesch decided to try out was the milk taste-testing at Aggie Ice Cream. He had never done it before, so it was a learning experience, but “it was cool, I got used to it.”

For Ruesch, getting involved and meeting people sometimes takes time. He declares himself a shy person, but for him, so far, the activities and traditions USU has to offer students are “pretty fun.”

Kinsey Eborn was on the business council for the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business before she had graduated from high school. She wants to study history, with a teaching emphasis. She is dying to be a part of the ultimate frisbee team one day and she is a brand-new Aggie.

“I thought it sounded like the coolest school from the beginning,” Eborn said of choosing Utah State to start her collegiate career. “I came and I liked it. It’s just so student-based and it even felt right.”

Eborn is planning on not joining too many specific clubs her first semester, due to her involvement already with the business council, and her 18 credit hour schedule. “Eventually I think I would be interested in joining the e-club and getting even more involved … I really love student life here.”

One of her fondest dreams about involvement — ultimate frisbee. “I would love to be on the ultimate team. Ultimate frisbee all the way!”

However, Eborn’s goals for involvement don’t stop at school-sanctioned student life. “I’d like to get involved with my neighbors and friends as much as possible. To go on hikes, hang around, really see and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Logan,” Eborn said.

“I thought Week of Welcome was awesome!” To Eborn, the WOW activities created a great way for the freshmen to get involved. “I think it was a fantastic opportunity for us to be a part of Utah State student life. It was great to go to different activities, for freshmen to be able to meet other people. It was just really cool.

“I went to most of the activities each night,” Eborn said. “My favorite was easily high stakes bingo. It was a blast! I got called on stage as part of the couple for the DTR thing; it was a first date and a bit awkward, but fun! And the dance [Friday night] was a blast, definitely insane.”

For Eborn, even just being in school for a week, she already loves and is having fun participating in the traditions of Utah State. She has been noticing the people around her enjoying involvement in the activities as well, one tradition at a time.

“I love how quirky Utah State is,” Eborn said. “Like True Aggie Night. My roommates trudged out there to maybe find someone…so funny.”

Eborn’s current advice for anyone coming to Utah State as a freshman has a lot to do with involvement at USU. “Especially the first week of school, take advantage of the opportunities! If you came to college just for the education, then it won’t be worth your money, you’ll be missing half of the experience.

“Get involved on campus; it will be much more worth your time.”

Seth Taylor is from Caldwell, Idaho. He loves to do anything outdoors, and loves people. He is studying biology. He is currently involved with two different student organizations and is planning on joining more. He knows that USU is where he wants to be as a student.

“I came to Utah State because it is the place for me,” Taylor said. “I got accepted to BYU but after touring both of the campuses, Utah State just seemed to be the one.”

Currently, Taylor is a part of a FIG — Freshmen Interest Group — for students interested in being a part of outdoors activities. He has also signed up to be a part of Area Government and is looking to get involved in SAA, the A-Team, and STAB — Student Activities Board. For him, all of them sound interesting, he said.

For Taylor, all of the events have been worth going to, but he did have some favorites. “I enjoyed all of the events, but mostly Day on the Quad and the football game,” Taylor said. “I thought all of the events were amazing, well planned and very successful. Because of Day on the Quad I was able to find out about all of the different clubs and things happening on campus and things I could get involved in.

“The football game, needless to say, was the best. Awesome student section and the atmosphere was just amazing.”

For Taylor, everything associated with his experience at USU so far has been positive. He has loved the events, the traditions, and the feeling of the school.

“My freshman year has been amazing. The guys that are on my floor are awesome and everyone around campus is so friendly and helpful,” Taylor said. “The all-you-can-eat food is legit and the overall atmosphere of the campus is cool.

“This is by far the best college in the nation and any person that came here would love it!”


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