Fashionable Fall clothes can be as comfortable as sweat pants

Editor’s Note: The following article is an opinion piece written by an ABP staff writer. The opinion offered in this article is purely that of the writer’s and does not reflect any official position of Aggie BluePrint.

By Marleyann Mcclune

Staff Writer

Ah my dear Aggies, it is that time of year again. The leaves are changing, football has started, and the temperature is dropping, which means the return of my most personal dreaded ensemble that students never seem to fail to wear around this time: the feared, sloppy, standard outfit of sweats.

Now as much as it truly pains me to admit it, I can almost, maybe sort of, see the thinking in tossing on a pair of ratty sweats. Living in Logan it’s cold, it’s wet, there is so much walking to do that the weather is simply not conducive for putting any effort into one’s self whatsoever. Well in the words of Dwight Schrute I say to you readers, ‘FALSE!’  If the excuse is that you are in a hurry I can pretty much promise that it takes you just as much time to throw on a pair of jeans and a decent top as it does to put on a look that says to the world ‘I give up.’

Many readers may be thinking that I’m being a bit harsh, but what if I was to tell you that the way you dress correlates with the way you perform in school? Now let’s all take a collective gasp! Done? Good, because this is some serious business.

I recently came upon an article from the Washington Post that featured a study performed by the professors at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. According to the Washington Post, the researchers performed a test know as the Stroop Test “which asks participants to say the color of a word being shown on a flash card, rather than the word itself.” This test was performed and compared between subjects wearing a clean lab coat versus those in a messy artist’s frock.

 “When research subjects wore a scientist’s or medical doctor’s white coat, they performed better,” the study said. Those study subjects who were dressed in white lab coats, garments that are typically associated with care and attentiveness, made half as many errors on the test than those not wearing the coat, the article stated.

Now I’m not saying go out and wear a lab coat to class (if you do I will silently giggle at how awkward you look, that is, unless you actually are required to wear one for your major) But notice that by wearing a crisp and clean coat as opposed to wearing a coat that was sloppy, test subjects performed better.

So I decided to test this theory out for myself. I decided to call upon a good friend of mine, Lauren Adamson, who is an ambassador here at Utah State University. After some begging and bribery she agreed to test out my theory. I told her on the first day to put absolutely no effort into her look. I’m talking running shorts, a hoodie, and messy hair. I asked to her to go to all her normal classes and tell me how she felt.

This was her reply to day one: “I felt pretty comfortable walking to and from classes, but I noticed that since I was comfortable that it was easy for me to become distracted, and to not pay attention in class. Also I didn’t really feel like talking to anyone because I didn’t feel ‘cute’ I felt lazy and sort of slobbish.”

On day two I asked her to wear her favorite knockout outfit and she stated, “Today was so much better than yesterday, I felt perkier and I found myself sitting up straighter in class. It was easier to get out of my comfort zone and talk to people because I felt comfortable in my own skin”

Another thing to take into consideration is that what you wear shows respect not only to yourself, but also to your professors and your peers. Your clothes conveys to those around you that you either care, or don’t care about opinions. I’m not saying you need to care about what everyone thinks about you, but you should care if your peers respect you or not. So you’re maybe thinking, ‘well I don’t want to be uncomfortable and cold all the time just to please people’ but fashion can be comfy, warm and functional. Here are some examples:

  1. For the ladies, what better way is there to make a statement and to be comfortable than by wearing a dress. Make it appropriate for the cooler weather with thicker leggings, boots, and an adorable trench coat. You’ll look sophisticated and be super cozy.
  2. Now for men it can be a bit easier. I suggest to you a pair of comfortable jeans, a button up shirt with some sort of jacket thrown over the ensemble. A hat always adds a nice touch and it will keep your ears warm.
  3. The last look is one I love and is universally flattering on both men and women. A good pair of jeans, a relaxing flannel shirt with a cardigan thrown on top, (yes boys you too can wear a cardigan and rock it) a funky scarf and a warm boot, and voila! You look good and your outfit is functional.

 Well my fellow Aggies, I hope that I have perhaps changed your mind on wearing sweats in public. Remember that what you wear shows who you are to the world. I know you’re all fabulous so go out there and prove it.




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