The tweet life of Chari Hawkins: about as lively as her goings on the track. That’s really lively for the All-American.

By Rhett Wilkinson

Aggie BluePrint


Chari Hawkins (left) in her Twitter profile picture. She may be an All-American as a heptathlete, but a particular social media website reveals much about the megastar, perhaps the most dominant USU athlete.

Chari Hawkins recently tweeted:

Chari Hawkins ‏@CharHawk9   20 Jul

Getting to know who a person is can’t be beat. Know your neighbors.


If she was implying herself who should be known, then more than those immediately living around her should become acquainted with the Utah State track and field superstar.

Hawkins, a Rexburg, Idaho native, is your Aggie heptathlete who earned second-team All-America credentials after her sophomore year (her sophomore year)! Carrying a reputational burden like that in the offseason, she might have been right when she also expressed through Twitter:

Chari Hawkins ‏@CharHawk9   8 Jul

I want to surround myself with people who make life easier.


But anyhow, being an All-American with still many more collegiate meets to come is worth it, right? Perhaps it’s like she tweeted a day later, this time quoting a certain “Friends” character:

Chari Hawkins ‏@CharHawk9   9 Jul

Isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic? -Rachel Green #myfeelingexactlymsgreen


I mean, it is tough to reach that level and will be difficult to improve in the next year, right, Chari?

“I am not sure about others’ expectations, but I feel like I passed my own because I am hard on myself,” she said after finishing fifth at the 2013 Western Athletic Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championships with 4,990 points, enough to quality for the NCAA championships. “Others thought I did terrible, but to me, I did a lot of really great things.”

At the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Finals, Hawkins earned those all-America honors after placing 11th nationally in the heptathlon with a school-record 5,598 points. She also broke the previous school record in the event during the 2013 outdoor season with 5,441 points at the California Invitational and Mt. SAC Relays Combined Events.

Perhaps it’s even more like Hawkins, who was recruited by MIT, Duke and North Carolina, among others, before deciding to stay close to home, expressed:

Chari Hawkins ‏@CharHawk9   30 Oct

You are who you are. Now be the best one you can be.


Her coach Gregg Gensel insisted that Hawkins’s ability to “become good” has been just as impressive as the natural talent she has fostered. He said that Hawkins is among the top 5 percent of talent he has seen in his 30 years of coaching track and field and cross-country – all at USU. Nineteen have been with the women’s team. Hawkins’ All-American recognition doesn’t surprise him: “Those who work hard and have success will be recognized,” says the no-nonsense coach. Just two years ago, Sonia Grabowska may have earned All-America honors in the indoor pole vault, but that was an honorable mention. Many Aggies have been recognized twice at the all-American level for their track and field performance – 35 USU athletes in track and cross-country have earned All-America honors 70 times – but Hawkins would be at a whole new level if she got three.

But her next expectations and goals, as she told BluePrint? What you might expect: she “wants to keep improving,” “records and goals are not important,” and she has her own goals.

And wishes that could dramatically change goals if they became reality:

Chari Hawkins ‏@CharHawk9   14 Jun 12

I wish working out made you fatter and eating crappy made you skinnier. #thatwouldbebestithink


The same day, last year:

Chari Hawkins ‏@CharHawk9   14 Jun 12

I wish every time I ate frosting from a can, my boobs were the only thing that got fatter.


In between was a conversation with a male follower about how she would have a “rockin bod for sure” because she loves food.

Really, her goals would be a lot different, if the continuousness of her tweets about eating are an indicator:

I wish there was an eat all you want diet that made me skinny.


They don’t mark her only comments via the social network about food. Did you know that when “the milk” is “chunky and thick,” “don’t add water to it. It will be sour?” Hawkins now does.

Her teammate Daphne Jones says that Hawkins has a tremendous punctuality and willingness to help that sets a good example for teammates when her natural gifts stardom could avail some slack.

That doesn’t mean she’s not seemingly what is often considered normal 21-year-old other times, however. A re-tweet:

The Housewife ‏@DiamondDiploma      28 Aug

#10TurnOns: A great job, sweet personality, sense of humor, Faith, confidence, height, suits, pearly whites, toned bod & chivalrous actions.

Retweeted by Chari Hawkins


Chari Hawkins ‏@CharHawk9   18 Jul 12

Being 21 in Vegas… Is awesome. Losing eighty dollars from blackjack in ten minutes… isn’t quite as cool. #broke #Vegas ♠♥♣♦


And again from @DiamondDiploma (as seen on her account, Hawkins really likes her):

The Housewife ‏@DiamondDiploma10 Jul 12

The most rewarding part of doing laundry is getting all your favorite panties back. #diamonddiploma

Retweeted by Chari Hawkins


But she does like to communicate that she has some standards:

The Housewife ‏@DiamondDiploma18 Jul 12

Dressing immodestly is a lot like rolling in manure… Sure you’ll get attention, but you’re only attracting pigs. #diamonddiploma

Retweeted by Chari Hawkins


… if not a little vain.

That moment of depression when you’re staring at a closet full of clothes but nothing looks cute. #diamonddiploma

Retweeted by Chari Hawkins


A bigger problem:

Stay faithful or stay single.

Retweeted by Chari Hawkins


She actually has re-tweeted that phrase twice from two separate accounts in the past year.

Perhaps she has made her ideology clear on that (though it may be a bit ironic given some other self-proclamations): “I don’t trust open-minded people,” she tweeted on June 25 of last year. And to reiterate those values Jones referenced, she tweeted on July 4 of this year that “heaven would be hell without my family.”

And then there’s that work ethic Gensel insisted throughout his interview with BluePrint. For all that, however, Hawkins expressed appreciation through a re-tweet for a particular admittance:

Be honest with yourself… You work really hard, but if the opportunity arose you’d be a housewife. #diamonddiploma

Retweeted by Chari Hawkins


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